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RedHat Enterprise Linux 6.5 Released, CentOS 6.5 En Route

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Following the release of RHEL 6.5 (featuring some nice changes involving OpenSSL), the builds for CentOS 6.5 are on their way.

CentOS v6.2 as Good as Released

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Looks like a bunch of wizards paired up to work on CentOS now: Only eleven days after the release of v6.1, v6.2 is being distributed to the mirrors, bringing CentOS on-par with upstream RHEL.

How to Disable SELinux for Apache on CentOS 6.x


I set up a new development environment using the recently released CentOS v6.1. For various reasons I prefer to switch off SELinux for the Apache Webserver. Coming from CentOS 5.x, I expected to be able to do this via the well known setsebool -P httpd_disable_trans 1. Much to my surprise, SELinux insisted on not knowing that …