PHP Built-In Webserver

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There's been a userland webserver for PHP for some time in PEAR. Now it seems, PHP v5.4.0 will get its own built-in webserver.

Browser Fingerprinting

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I've just been pointed at the Panopticlick by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. The site is attempting to build a fingerprint on your browser over publicly available informations. Some are derived from the transmitted HTTP headers (such as User-Agent and Accept,) others are collected via JavaScript (like screen resolution, plugin collection and installed fonts.) It's quite interesting: …

HTTP Output Compression at Application Level

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HTTP has got a nice yet hardly known feature: Content can be compressed just before being sent to the client. This is quite interesting as HTML can be compressed quite well since it is mostly text, so one can expect savings by 60 - 70% on average.

Per Directory PHP-Settings under CGI/FastCGI


This one's been a bit under the radar... One of the problems you encounter with PHP via CGI/FastCGI is, that it is quite hard to set per-directory (or per-user) settings. One solution is to set up a separate php.ini for each directory. Of course, that tends to get messy quite soon. And in conjunction with FastCGI …

PHP Syntax Highlighting with LightTPD

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I recently said good-bye to good ol' Apache Webserver and jumped on the LightTPD-train. So far, I haven't regret that move. Everything I could do with Apache, I can do with Lighty as well.